The strongest...

Oil on canvas, 41x33cm, 2006.

The strongest survives not because of being strong but because of ignoring the fact he is so, for letting himself flow in his own rhythm even though it seems to be just the contrary.

There are many ways to consider life and death and the relation both have between each other and with people, created by history, thoughts, religions, but essentially, everything works by its own understanding which there is no need to thtouch it, is logic moves closer or stops, goes away or fills up all that is necessary without having to think about it.

To understand properly the law of the context that rules our birth and death we just have to have a unique clear concept, starting from it, each parameter or act or movement, shared or not, parallel or interior, has its precise point in the process of that concept. If this concept does not exist, everything, all the logical possibilities turn from logical to illogical and life seems a chaos in itself instead of a place of absolute order.