Shared conducts

Oil on canvas, 73x60cm, 2006.

Spaces separate us, not only in aptitudes but also in physical circumstances. However, I would say that from one place of the world to other, people are, in essence, so similar to each other, that sometimes not even education or culture separates us. In spite of this, we cling to a belief in the differences without realising that these differences distance us from our actions wherever we are. We are not absolutely comparable for our action or our comprehension of what we see and what we do about it.

We degrade ourselves, holding to the easiest part, wandering around just to run away from this lack of interior life that exists in some parts of the world; the part of the values, the strength of spirit, the well-doing are being substituted by alienated medicines and other substances. Poor is a people which voluntarily loses its thought!!

At least if we were actually stupid, it would be very easy to live like that, but deep inside us, as lost souls, we all look, naturally without renouncing the well-being, for that thing able to fulfil this emptiness, impertinent, tough, indelible, (pseudo, whatever) at limiting our own needs.

So, obviously, effort is not the main quality of this our marvellous, perfect society, full of economic heavenly pleasures.We forget the past, naturally including the part we don't need and we venerate the one that suits us just to create this visual illusion of future. The future must be made day by day and if we don't demand any effort from ourselves other parts of this puzzle will tell us how to do it.