NATURE AND THE HUMAN BEING Instagram:@theo_human

This collection comprises the analytical premise of human behaviour, which is the main focus of the author. This time, the work is placed in the context of the materials coming from nature. There is an overlap implied that led to the search for natural materials such as stones, bones or ceramic from different centuries. There is also work with other materials, like glazed ceramics, to express nature in movement and its forms. The human figure appears later, building a figure-background world, as a piece in the natural space in which the idea of the work is explained. The lack of proportion in the figures comes from the real concept of the size of the natural world as compared to the, also real, size and time of human beings on Earth. As usual in the authorís works, a sense of humour is present in this collection. The mixture of materials, the meaning they have and the usage or bad usage we give them, sometimes make us wonder about how we are or how we behave in natural spaces with a functioning of their own, far from the consequences of human intervention. Therefore, there is also a mixture of our loftiness and natureís loftiness.


The apple

The apple of love

The juice of life

We are something else

Humanity is you

The hands that guide the World-I

The hands that guide the World-II

Drawing the Earth-I

Drawing the Earth-II

Flower or leave

The flower of loving-I

The flower of loving-II

The flame of love

Two deers and the ones who annoy them

Human horse

Deer's head-II

Deer's head-I


Lamb's head

Natural countries

Our archaeological time

The death brings to life

Time goes by...

Thirst for life



We are leaves to the wind

To go and get back

The couple


Playing with balloons

Palm tree and four birds

We learn to fly

To start building the house from the roof-I

To start building the house from the roof-II

The warriors

Warrior with Muse

The flower of growth

To grow up or not to grow up



Society's car

We make such a real pig

We make such a real piggy

Appel's direction

Deer's head in red

Deer's head in green

To start building the house from the roof-III

Earth on earth

Warrior with trophies

Creation of life

Looking for the pillow

We make Music-I

We make Music-II

Appel's heart

We have got balls

To pass the buck


If we open the Earth we will be able to see the flowers and find the directions


Despite we do organize everything, in the end we always come off

Men and Sea

Nursing from the heart

Fly, little flower, fly

The directions of the insects


Who is going to nurse first?

Three baby bottles for one heart

To start building the house from the roof-IV


Immobility and movement


Flower of life-III

The flower of life with totem

The smile of the ideas-I

The smile of the ideas-II




Human border

The weightlessness of the directions

To pass the buck-II

Blood tracks

Crossed tracks

Invented monsters-I

Invented monsters-II

Broken heart

Who is the heart going to be for?

Heart of hearts

The transformation of the open heart

Human stars

The mask

Losing oneself

Finding oneself

Human umbrella-II

Human umbrella-III

Head in the clouds-I

Head in the clouds-II

Head in the clouds-III

Childish Love-I

Childish Love-II

Invented monsters-III

Invented monsters-IV

Human umbrella-I

The woman in a symbol

Making the V

Figures in squares

Women and squares

Couples and squares

Beings and squares

Door 1

Door 2

Door 3

Door 4

Door 5

Door 6

Human swarm

The stars of our Universe-I

Stars on the positive side

Stars on the negative side

Any question, little flower?

Stone square



The warrior